UFO phenomenon in science. Because the appearance of aliens in terrestrial airspace signaled the beginning of a new age for all of us, the end of our planetary isolation – and was perhaps the most important event in the last two millennia of human history. We may be in the same position as the Aztecs, less than 500 years ago, when the first Spanish ships were sighted off their coasts.

UFO phenomenon as one human race

Whether we suffer the same cultural paralysis, the same culture shock as this powerful Indian culture, whether the confrontation with an extraterrestrial intelligence becomes a curse or a blessing for humanity, depends primarily on how well we are prepared for such an event.

A company like this book would never have been feasible if UFO researchers and experts from all over the world had not stood by my side in this company, making documents, secret files, research reports and images accessible to me. Extensive personal research in three continents helped me to round off the picture.

In particular thank Johannes von Buttlar for the many stimulating conversations and his foreword to this book, my “old friends” Dolman VonKeviczky, Wendelle Stevens and – in memoriam – Anny Baguhn for the excellent images, Erich von Däniken for the photos from his archive, Robert O. Dean, Anthony Dodd, Timothy Good, Antonio Huneeus, Howard & Connie Menger, Detlev Menningmann, Sean Morton, Hans Petersen, Roberto Pinotti, Marina Popovich and Glenn Steckling, Valerii Uvarov, Karl and Anny Veit from the “German UFO Study Society” as well as Mohammad Ramadan and Michael Geoghegan from the United Nations, who have recognized that we can only accept the challenges of the UFO phenomenon as one human race.

Apecial thanks go to publishers, Mr. Huber from SILBERSCHNUR-Verlag, who spared no expense or effort to present this book in the best possible way, and the Toth couple from Edition ETNA in Prague, who make it possible for me to mean it at the same time Made available to friends in the Czech Republic.

Carl Zeiss Otus, Ikon, Distagon For Leica

SECRET UFO was not only a fascinating but also an extremely labor-intensive project for me. I believe and hope that the effort was worth it and that the book goes its way around the world and does its job. Because the encounter with the extraterrestrials contains the greatest opportunity that mankind has on the threshold of the third millennium.

It has the potential of a new Copernican revolution, a redefinition of our position in the universe. Perhaps we first have to understand that the earth is actually just one of millions of inhabited planets in the vastness of the universe in order to recognize that we are one human race, children of the earth, and can only solve global problems together.

Only when we have shed our tribal thinking and think and act as a whole, are we in a position to face the greatest challenge in our history, the dialogue with the universe.