The ship ALMIRANTE SALDANHA UFO a training ship of the Brazilian Navy, lay ready to set off in front of the rocky island of Trindade in the South Atlantic. Nazi German UFO. The ship had done its job of carrying out hydrographic and oceanographic measurements in the area of ​​the island. On board were scientists, senior military personnel, professional photographers, reporters and leaders of the hydrographic and navigational division of the Brazilian Navy, which carried out these investigations as a project as part of the international geophysical year.

ALMIRANTE SALDANHA Ship and UFO, Island of Trindade, Nazi German

The Marine Hydrographic Institute had already set up a station for oceanographic and meteorological studies on the geologically interesting rocky island in October 1957, which has since been under the command of Corvette Captain Carlos Alberto Bacellar. Linked to this was the mission of the ALMIRANTE SALDANHA, which had been converted into a research ship with a crew of 300 men.

On that January 16, 1958, the marine photographer Almiro Barauna observed the preparations for departure on deck and also took a few pictures with his Rolleiflex 2.8 model e-camera. Not only was Barauna a former press photographer before he was hired by the Navy, he was also considered an expert in underwater photography. He was just standing on the foredeck, leaning against the Rehling, staring at the sea when two officers rushed up to him and pointed excitedly at a brightly shining object in the sky that was approaching the island at great speed. Now the ship’s dentist Dr. Homera stumbled excitedly, and the four men stared in fascination at the overcast, cloudy sky. It was 12:15 p.m.

After 30 seconds, the subject was close enough to take a picture. Barauna set his camera and took the first photo. The UFO was getting closer and closer, and soon you could see that its oval body was surrounded by a ring, while a greenish phosphorescent radiation enveloped the dark gray metallic body.

The flight behavior of the disc was noticeable. It moved in waves, like a bat, and could accelerate by leaps and bounds. Soon she had reached the island and was flying along the steep rocky chain of the Calo-Crast peak, when the photographer took the second picture. Photo number three was taken when the object circled the highest mountain on the island, the 600 meter high Desejado peak, in order to fly out to sea again at great speed.

Meanwhile, part of the crew was already jostling on the foredeck, watching the spectacle with fascination, and Barauna was being pushed back and forth in the confinement. His fourth and fifth photos were unsuccessful, while the sixth photo again clearly shows the UFO disappearing on the horizon in the same direction from which it came.

Upon arrival in Rio de Janeiro, the investigation into the case was initiated by the Navy. All witnesses there were 48 people confirmed that the photos showed exactly what they saw with their own eyes. The examination of the negatives independently of one another in the Hydrographic Institute, the photo laboratory of the Navy and the aerial photograph evaluation center in Rio showed that the recordings were authentic.

The diameter of the object was calculated to be 40 meters, its height to be 8 meters and a flight speed of 900-1000 kilometers per hour. Barauna was given permission to publish the photos and so they first appeared in Barauna on February 15 with six eyewitnesses, photographer Faria de Arevedo, Admiral Jose Saldanha da Gama, Amilar Vieira, director of Banco do Brasil, Commandante Paulo Moreira da Silva, director of the Marine Hydrographic Institute, the island commanders Carlos Alberto Bacellar and Alvizio Bancario of the ULTIMA HORA newspaper. When other papers asked the Navy for an opinion, they replied that “Senor Almiro Barauna took the photos mentioned in the presence of a large part of the crew of the ALMIRANTE SALDANHA”, but they did not “want to comment on the object seen.”

German UFO island of Trindade
On the same day, Navy Minister Admiral Antonio Alves Camara was flown into the summer residence of Brazilian President Juscelino Kubitschek near Petropolis, with four original prints and enlargements of the UFO images in his suitcase. According to press reports, the President was very impressed by the photos and the analysis; at any rate, he allowed the Minister to officially confirm the authenticity of the series of photos at the press conference scheduled for the next day.

“I never believed in the ‘flying saucers’ before,” Minister Camara was able to explain to reporters, “but the photographic evidence from Mr Barauna convinced me”. Admiral Gerson de Macedo Soares, Secretary General of the Navy, confirmed: “I see no reason to question this report of reliable and scientifically trained witnesses. I personally now believe in the reality of UFOs, even if they are from another planet.”

All these UFO are Nazi German, Glock Hans Kammler experiments!

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