Maria Orsic primary interests were of a metaphysical, spiritual nature. That is why she founded the German Society for Metaphysics. At that time, in Europe, and especially in Great Britain, France and Germany, in the years 1905-1921, spiritualism (movement of spiritualism), communication with the dead, spiritualistic sessions, the afterlife, psychic phenomena and the medium were in vogue. Topics like UFOs, aliens, zetas, alien abductions, animal mutilation, men in black, etc. have never come to the attention of the masses. In fact, these topics have never been discussed in public or in private. People weren’t interested in flying saucers and UFO hunting, but very few vigilant minds believed we weren’t alone in the Universe.

Maria Orsic, Aldebaran interests

I am extremely sad to see that people are more interested in UFOs than metal flying saucers than in space consciousness, in what aliens could and would like to bring to the development of the human mind, in the true origins of humanity, in multifaceted aspects and aspects. human and paralid existence “in other worlds and how aliens can solve many of our problems and unite us under a radiant rainbow of peace, unconditional love, beauty, human warmth and collective happiness. Almost all those who speak of UFOs and aliens are fun things, but after a while they get bored if we keep talking and talking and just talking about what are those UFOs fast, about the strangely shaped eyes of little green men and repeat ad nauseam of the same story about UFOs, the Roswell incident, kidnappings, Area 51, UFO crashes here and there and watch the TV show “Ancient Aliens”.

We already know about UFO crashes here and there, kidnappings and secrecy by governments … we’ve heard it so many times on television and we’ve read about it in millions of books about UFOs and aliens. More importantly, what lies behind the “apparition” of the aliens and the astonishing maneuvers of their UFOs, which emerge from the lakes, bury themselves in the lakes and rivers and hover over military bases! I believe that the metaphysical aspects of our relationship with aliens are more important than any other issue that connects us to UFOs, and how our governments can turn alien technology into military instruments of mass destruction. If Maria Orsich was a simple transmedia that spoke mambo-jumbo about the “brotherly love and spiritual messages of the aliens” to humanity, the aliens who are our heavenly brothers and sisters, and she claimed – as many abductees and contactees do today – that he is their spiritual messenger on The earth, then, and only then, we must question the truth and validity of its narration.

However, it was not just a medium or sensibility, as it provided us with the world’s first scientific data on how to build a space-time machine, and related plans and formulas studied and used by the United States Air Force, NASA, DOE, Department of Defense, CIA, OSS, NSA, The Pentagon, MIT, Harvard, America’s most advanced laboratories and most prominent military scientists. That is an undeniable fact! We should therefore take into account Mary Orsic’s statement about the metaphysical and spiritual aspects and dimensions that unite us with true cosmic reality, the reasons why we are here, where we are heading, who created us, and for what purpose, how the idea of ​​God came about, the threat organized religions and about our fate, as they passed on to Mary the “beings” that may be evolving thousands of years before us.

The themes of immortality, our asymmetrical mind and our happiness are more important than the theme of how fast UFOs are!
The theme of why the idea of ​​God, the creator of the Universe, exists only in the minds of human beings, ONLY on Earth, and how God was created by our uneducated ancestors and cave people out of fear and necessity, and certainly our weak human nature, as explained by Maria Orsic Aldebaran. These themes are more fascinating than the story of a UFO that landed in Rendlesham Forest, England, or a UFO that dug in Shag Harbor, Canada.

Maria Orsic a stunning beauty and unusual medium, was not an unknown person. She was recognized by many personalities of the time and had a fleet of very influential admirers and friends in Germany and abroad; famous, ingenious and influential figures such as Charles Lindbergh, Nikola Tesla, Yugoslav Marshal Tito, Henry Ford, Eva Peron and the most important figures in spiritualism, parapsychological and psychological research in Great Britain. This was reported by Allied intelligence and documented by OSS agents in Europe. Madame Blavatsky’s then “Theosophical Society” in Berlin, New York and India was in constant contact with Maria Orsic.

The first writers of the theosophical movement corresponded with her, and some theosophical linguists offered her their language skills. It was well known in the metaphysical and spiritualist circles of the time that one of Blavatsky’s collaborators, who was an expert in Hebrew, Phoenician and Sumerian, was instrumental in translating, interpreting and explaining the extraterrestrial messages that Maria Orsič had received in an unknown language. a language in the Middle East that included Ugaritic, Phoenician, Akkadian, and Sumerian scripts; some passages were written in wedge script and others in a script almost similar to Byblock and ana’kh, a language used by the Anunnaki to communicate with the early Mesopotamians and Phoenicians.

Lindbergh told Carl Jung that the US Air Force was investigating hundreds and hundreds of UFO sightings without finding any evidence of a supernatural phenomenon with UFOs, because they were real machines. Lindbergh was fully convinced that some of these UFOs were of German origin, and the first to work on these mysterious flying machines was Maria Orsic. Lindbergh admitted that he discussed the topic of German UFOs with General Spaatz, the then chief of the US Air Force, and told him about Orsic’s supercar flying machine Vril. Some accuse Lindbergh of having an affair with Maria Orsic.

This is nonsense, it never happened. Himmler felt threatened by the growing influence of Maria Orsic and twice told Adolf Hitler that she could not be trusted because she was unstable and had close ties to the Jews. Himmler also mentioned the name of Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe. Little did he know that Princess Stephanie was a close friend of Hitler, who showered her with gifts. In fact, Hitler overlooked her Jewish roots and gave her a castle in Austria as an expression of admiration for her beauty and her services to the Empire as an extraordinary spy. Hitler simply said about Orsic:
“We need her for now, but watch out for her …” and added: “I don’t believe in secret societies …”.

Himmler, SS General Jakob Sporrenberg and SS General Hans Kammler kept Maria Orsic in isolation and prevented her from approaching Adolf Hitler. On Saturday, October 10, 1917, and at the age of 19, Maria Orsic fell into a trance (or perhaps a coma, for no apparent reason) that lasted several hours. As soon as she recovered from the coma and began to remember, Maria Orsic told her mother that she had seen strange non-world creatures who came to her and said they would return as soon as she began to feel better.

During the trance, she was contacted by two high beings and spoke in a language she did not understand. Her mother thought that Mary had been deeply affected by what had happened to her, and she paid no attention to it. However, Mária Orsič was completely convinced that something extraordinary had entered her life.

The “Ordo Templi Orientis” and the “Golden Dawn” were associated with secret Russian, British and German societies, and in particular with the “Elena Blavatsky Theosophical Society”, founded in New York in 1875, by Rudolf Steiner, Brüder Des Lichts and Rudolf von Sebottendorff “Thule Gesellschaft “, which attracted Adolf Hitler, Himmler, Karl Haushofer, Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, Rosenberg, Halford, John Mackinder and Hans Frank.

These secret associations and alliances united German and English occultists in a formidable alliance. The mixture of esotericism, occultism and so-called British-German mysticism deeply affected Hitler; a disturbing movement that was in stark contrast to the metaphysical and occult movement of Maria Orsic. Many argued that this strong connection between the British Anemic occultists led Adolf Hitler to believe that England would not oppose him. Hitler believed that these occultists had considerable influence in England.

The UFO phenomenon and saga, the first contacts with aliens from extraordinarily advanced civilizations outside our solar system and the message of aliens, all started with an occult-metaphysical-mystical-psychological movement created by Maria Orsič, the medium and founder of the Vririn Association, based on reports which she claimed to have received from the aliens from Aldebaran (Alfa Tauri) and which contained technical data and precise instructions on how to build a super-flying machine “out of this world” (UFO).

Mary remained a virgin, never had a lover (just a fiancé for a very, very short time) and always discouraged the “Ladies” of Vril from intimate relationships with men, claiming that celibacy was essential for enlightenment and scientific creativity. his documents contained elaborate details, drawings and plans of an antigravity flying machine that was very resembled the German “Bell”. Its files also contained two letters from Maria Orsic. In the following passages, I will deal, among other things, with the relationship that existed between Nikola Tesla and Mária Orsic.

Tesla’s company said that “Yugoslav Marshal Tito wished to place a memorial plaque to Nikola Tesla during his visit to New York. However, for political reasons, this was not possible.” Sava Kosanović said that his uncle Nikola Tesla had told him a lot about the German “Glock” and in one secret correspondence, Marshal Tito, explained to the Yugoslav leader how these machines could work.

Marshal Títo was fully aware of the existence of “UFO – Vril” Maria Orsic. They exchanged several communiqués with Maria and talked about this in his correspondence with Nikola Tesla. And Tesla told Tit about a device he was working on that could make it easier to communicate with the aliens. In fact, he worked on two devices: a) Teslascope (a kind of extraterrestrial radio transmitter) b) Exotericon Joseph Andreas Epp told us that German scientists had secret facilities for near-UFO technology in Germany and Poland. He mentioned in particular the UFO hangars located in Letowa, Wroclaw and Dresden, which were turned to ashes by Allied air carpet bombing. He stated that 15 prototypes were built and successfully flown. He added that the first German technology was based on plans and instructions provided by the company “Vril” Marie Orsič.

Epp describes the way in which the German UFO technology works: “The circular leaves of the wings rotated independently and smoothly around the outer body (chassis) of the machine as the vessel moved forward in a centrifugal manner (autogycopter) and the vessel took off vertically in a spiral mode. with incredible speed approaching supersonic speed “.

Alien creatures from Adelbaran told Mary that they had been here before, thousands of years ago. And people considered them gods. They descended into the Middle East and formed colonies. They also told her about the Nordics, Lyrans, Igigi and Anunnaki, who genetically created us in their Chimiti.

This seems to correspond to the numerous texts and epics found on clay tablets in Mesopotamia and Phenicia, as well as in Ugaritic myths and biblical texts.

Maria Orsic was the first medium to announce to the world that the aliens from Aldebaran were spiritually noble in nature and had no territorial ambitions or interest in Nazi Germany. The “Thule Gesellschaft”, originally formed as the “Studiengruppe für Germanisches Altertum” (Studiengruppe für Germanisches Altertum), an occult-metaphysical society, but quickly focused its interests and activities on political issues, while the “Vril-Gesellschaft” (Marie Society continued to be interested in However, both organizations were serious about the development of “timeless flying machines”, such as
a) Vril Flugscheiben (flying discs),
b) Jenseitsflugmaschine (reverse research from other world vessels).
c) Bell In 1919, the “Thule Gesellschaft” merged with the “Vril Gesellschaft” and the “DHvSS” (Die Herren vom schwarzen Stein), meaning “Masters of the Black Stone”. However, Maria Orsic remained independent in her thinking and metaphysical ideology and later separated from “Thule Gesellschaft” and “DHvSS”.

“Thule Gesellschaft” and “DHvSS” wanted to build UFO technologies so that they could use them against Germany’s enemies and subsequently rule the world. Maria Orsič wanted to build a UFO so that she could get out of there and stay in constant contact with the aliens from Aldebaran.