List of well known UFO Witnesses. A list of prominent sightings would include many world names. The American author Timothy Green Beckley quotes in his book “UFOs Among the Stars” the eyewitness accounts of actors like Anthony Hopkins, William Shatner, Charles Bronson, Glenn Ford, Stuart Whitman and Sammy Davis Jr., from rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Neal Sedaka, from athletes like Muhammad Ali and star director Steven Spielberg.

Prominent UFO sightings, Heyerdahl, Messner

From the German-speaking area Maria Schell, Elke Sommer and Nina Hagen could be named, from England Redge Presley von den Troggs (“Wild Thing”), Doane Perry (Jethro Tull), but also Prince Charles.

One of the most prominent famous scientist UFO witnesses is the well-known Norwegian ethnologist and archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl, who had several UFO sightings in the presence of his crew in June 1970 during his “RA” expedition. The “RA” was a true-to-life replica of an Egyptian papyrus boat, with which Heyerdahl wanted to prove that it was at least practically possible for the ancient Egyptians to travel to America.

This hypothesis, he was convinced, would explain not only the existence of pyramids, but also of giant negroid stone heads and statuettes “in the Egyptian style” in Central America. The “RA II” had already been at sea for 45 days and was still 12 days away from its destination, the Caribbean island of Barbados, when the radio operator Norman Baker was the first to notice the “flat, circular, luminous object”, followed by Heyerdahl and the Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genoves .

That was around 12:30 am on June 30, 1970. In his book “Expedition RA” Heyerdahl describes the UFO as a “round, pale disk”, a “ghostly, aluminum-colored giant moon” that stood in the northwest and “coming straight towards us” seemed. It took ten minutes before it finally “covered about 30 degrees of the sky”.

The next morning the RA II crew learned from a radio station on Barbados that the “light disk” was being observed at the same time by hundreds of residents of the west Indian islands, where it was located in the northeast. Heyerdahl linked the phenomenon to two other observations of “flickering orange lights” made by his crew two nights in a row further out at sea.

In any case, he “got the upper hand” that they “came to us from the universe”. The prominent South Tyrolean mountaineer Reinhold Messner also claims to have seen a UFO “as big as the full moon” when he was on his way back to Kathmandu after an unsuccessful attempt to climb the 8082 meter high Mount Champlang.

“It came from Tibet and flew south over the snow-capped peaks of the mighty mountain giants of the Himalayas into the interior of Nepal,” said Messner, describing his “uncanny encounter” at a press conference on October 2, 1981, “it moved very slowly.

First it turned east, then continued on its course to the south-west, and finally it returned to the north, to Tibet. “His companion, the British school teacher Doug Scott, saw it too, as did one nearby British-Polish expedition.

“It couldn’t have been a satellite,” Messner is certain, “because it moved in elliptical orbits. The object’s movements were irregular.”