Slowly, at only 50 kilometers per hour, the black triangle flies alongside them while they describe their observations to the control center and ask: “Are maneuvers currently being carried out with new types of aircraft?” Answer from Tower Eupen: negative. “But we have a strange spot on the radar screen.” The object remains unidentified.

Black triangle flies

“That will probably be St. Nicholas,” smirked the colleagues from the Eupen gendarmerie station. The two police officers turn into a side street in order to be able to observe the eerie UFO from a different perspective, when it suddenly stops, turns on the spot and flies away in the opposite direction towards Eupen.

Amazed by this reaction to their behavior, Nicoll and von Montigny turn onto the “Hochstraße”, the ring road from Eupen, watch how the object now flies along the N68 towards Eupen, from where it is observed by a number of witnesses, including a truck driver, an engineer from the city of Eupen, a school principal, a caretaker, a couple and a brigadier from the forest administration. Von Montigny and Nicoll now know what to do.

They radio the Gendarmerie Headquarters again, whose colleague on duty had teased them with “Nikolaus” 20 minutes ago. “He’ll believe us when he sees that,” they are sure, and ask him: “Look out of the window, colleague.” In fact, gendarme C. recognizes the motionless, glowing object in the night sky, which finally rises diagonally into the sky and literally shoots away.

Hubert von Montigny and Hermann Nicoll decide to pursue them and drive in the direction in which the UFO has disappeared. Shortly before Membach you see it again, how it flies in the direction of the Gileppe dam and finally takes a position to the left of an illuminated tower above the reservoir. It is now about 4 km away but can be clearly seen. The two policemen park their car, get out and take the post.

After a few minutes they watch a mysterious spectacle. The mysterious UFO emits rays, two thin, reddish bundles of light that shoot out of the object at breakneck speed and in opposite directions at the same time, leaving a red ball at each end. But a short time later the “fireballs” return to the “mother ship” and circle it for several minutes before the process is repeated. “The rays are extremely long,” reports von Montigny to the headquarters ” perhaps a kilometer.

They are like harpoons that shoot an arrow, but which, since it is attached to a line, is finally retrieved by the diver.” Nicoll, on the other hand, thinks more of balls that are attached to an elastic band and thrown into the air by a racket.

Black triangle is US TR3B plane!