More astronauts reports possible UFO sighting. They have. Even if NASA still UFO officially denies this fact: around two dozen cosmonauts, almost every second space mission, have seen, filmed and photographed them. The photos are available and stored in NASA archives, even if their existence is still denied.

Astronauts reports UFO sighting

This is an “open secret” among NASA insiders: “Many astronauts have confirmed that they have observed UFOs,” explained the German engineer Martin Rebensburg, an employee of Wernher von Braun, “and not only the American astronauts, but also the Soviets confirm of being chased by UFOs. ” Let’s start with the Americans. The following is official, as it comes from the Condon Report, the UFO study commissioned by the US Air Force: “There are three visual observations made by the astronauts in Earth orbit that are believed to be the author could not adequately explain:

1) GEMINI 4, McDivitt, observing a cylindrical object with prominences.
2) GEMINI 4, McDivitt, observing a bright, moving light that was higher than the space capsule.
3) GEMINI 7, Borman saw what he called a ‘bogey’ that was flying in formation with his spaceship.

Unfortunately, the Condon Report failed to mention two more photos of the GEMINI cosmonauts, which contain very revealing details. During the GEMINI XI mission on September 12, 1966, cosmonauts Richard Gordon and Charles Conrad photographed a squadron of four yellowish-orange-shining oval missiles.

In the photo, the four spheres are first connected to each other by a glowing energy field before they shoot apart. NASA’s original statement that it was the PROTON 3 satellite was soon refuted by Bruce Maccabee, a U.S. Navy physicist and photography expert; At the time in question, PROTON 3 was far too far from GEMINI IV to be seen at all.

On November 13, 1966, GEMINI XII was accompanied for a few minutes by a fleet of yellowish-white UFOs that flew in V formation. This amazing maneuver was also photographed by cosmonauts Edwin Aldrin and James Lovell. A number of mysterious incidents occurred during the moon missions – but more on that later.

Also from the space station Skylab III on September 20, 1973 at 4:45 pm, four glowing red objects – three oval disks and a small sphere – were photographed, which – like the GEMINI-XI-UFOs – were connected by a kind of force field.

Then, in 1978, NASA released a collection of film clips from the Gemini and Apollo missions entitled “Photographic Anomalies, Space Debris, and UFOs”. While the space agency officially denied UFO sightings by its astronauts, these recordings astonished even skeptics.

You not only see McDivitt’s amazing film, but also an Apollo film of a luminous object darting in a straight line at breakneck speed across the moon’s surface, or two giant Saturn-shaped objects parked on the moon’s surface. And the modern “SPACE SHUTTLE” age is also full of UFOs.

NASA can easily deny that it is an alien UFO, because they know very well that it is an terrestrial UFO, either German or Gray!

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